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The Legacy of Shiva
Cover The Legacy of Shiva
Old stones tell old stories

India, 1669. By command of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, places of Hindu worship are destroyed throughout the country. Even the oldest temple of Shiva in Benares is demolished, its priests are slaughtered. Before he dies, the last of these priests curses the blue diamonds of Shiva´s statue: nothing but misfortune and death shall they bring to their future owners - until the diamonds return to Benares and Shiva.

England, 1902. Robyn Fairbanks - young, buoyant and unconventional - , becomes heiress to a small fortune by her hitherto unknown great-aunt. Under one condition: she has to return a family heirloom to India - a large diamond of striking blue color. Together with her fiancé Edward Cheltenham and Frank Kendall, a historian, she embarks on this journey.

Robyn doesn´t believe in any curses. But from the very first day of this journey, mishaps follow her at every turn, sometimes even dangerously so.

En route, bit by bit and one episode after another, Frank tells her about the checkered and bloody history of these legendary diamonds, and the letters her grand-aunt bequeathed Robyn reveal an unknown chapter in the history of her family. And Robyn comes to realize that this passage to India seems to be under the banner of Shiva, the destroyer and renewer …

A journey to India and to the secrets of the past.

A wonderful page-turner for cold evenings in autumn.
ISBN: 978-3939674160
EAN: 9783939674788
Publisher: editionfredebold
Year: 2009
Shelf: Fiction
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