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The Colors of Memory
Cover The Colors of Memory
When the past is not yet fully told …

As a child, Gemma lost her parents in a fire - a tragic accident still haunting her as an adult. Her reclusive life in New York is suddenly thrown out of kilter when she receives mail from an anonymous sender: lines of a Victorian poem and a piece of antique jewelry.

With the help of charismatic Oxford professor Sisley Ryland-Bancroft, Gemma sets out to trace the sender - a journey taking her across two continents and placing herself in danger. For without realizing it, she is about to uncover a secret guarded for centuries.

A secret that could also be the key to her own past …

From a Medici princess at the Renaissance court of Ferrara and Victorian poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning to a present-day scavenger hunt: The Colors of Memory explores how lives are connected beyond time and space.

A novel about art, poetry and the power of the past.

Subtly spun and compelling, playing with three time levels and mixing genres like thriller, love story and adventure novel.
EAN: 9783959528542
Publisher: Thalia Bücher GmbH
Year: 2023
Shelf: Fiction
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